“Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd”


8 min AMRAP

Max Row for Meters

Max Repetitions on Barbell

*This will be scored as two separate events.



Each team will have 1 rower and 1 barbell at a set weight. The Men will perform Hang Cleans (may be power or squat) and the Women will perform Deadlifts.

The team can start in any order and switch at their discretion. At call of “time” the judge will record total number of completed reps on the barbell as well as total number of meters rowed.


Movement Standards:


Hang Clean- May be squat or power clean. Criteria is that weight begins in the hang position (must pause if taking bar from ground) and ends with the bar on shoulders, elbows in front of the bar, hips and knees extended.



Deadlift- Grip outside of legs (no sumo). Arms must remain extended during movement. Plates contact ground at bottom. Hips and knees extended with shoulders behind bar at top. May drop from top.

(RX weight = 165#. Scaled/Diaper weight = 95#)



Row- Athlete will begin off the rower. Damper and foot straps can be set at athlete discretion.