Boy Girl Intense Team Challange

On Sunday, February 17th, we welcome CrossFit athletes from all over Florida to find the fittest tandem team at the Annual CrossFit Boy-Girl Intense (BGI) Team Challenge! Last year’s RX winners were Team "Mamma and Poppa", consisting of Mike Poppa and Talayna Fortunato. Talayna then went on to take the title of third fittest woman in the world at the CrossFit Games! We promise to do the same this year with 3 workouts (scored as 4 seperate events). The categories are RX, Scaled and we have added a new Diaper Division. If both partners are able to complete standard CrossFit WOD's as RX, you should register as an RX team. You can go to the "Athlete Info" tab for suggested minimums for some movements.

To register, you must provide:

  • Team Name
  • Male Competitor
    • CrossFit Affiliate Name
  • Female Competitor
    • CrossFit Affiliate Name
  • Division you are competing in (Diaper Division is combined age of either less then 35 or over 75)

  • We are capping this event at 120 teams.  This event will sell out and we will not make any exceptions on the cap. We will keep a waiting list in the unfortunate event someone is injured prior to the event and cannot compete. You may not sell your spot otherwise!