Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my team name?

Yes, simply email the change to Name changes must be received by 2/4/2013


Can I change a team member?

Yes, up until 2/4/2013. Only the member that paid the registration fee may make this change.


Can I change divisions?

Yes, you will be allowed to change divisions until Thursday 2/14/2013 by 8am. This is approximately 24 hours after all workouts have been released. Changes after this time will not be accepted for any reason.


What qualifies as a Diaper Division?

The combined age of both team members must add up to be less then 35 or greater then 75 on the day of the event.


What do we register as if one of the team members can do RX but the other needs to scale?

You need to register as a scaled team. Both teammates need to compete in the same division.


How can I confirm that you received my registration and payment?

Email and I will confirm your registration


As always, if you have any questions or concerns not addressed here you can email We will respond within 24 hrs.